4th Intellectual Property Law Seminar 2016

7th and 8th of April 2016 || Istanbul Yildiz Palace/Chalet Kiosk - Besiktas/Istanbul

Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen;

As AIPPI Turkey - Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, it would be our great pleasure to share the information that we are holding our "4th Intellectual Property Law Seminar 2016" on 7th and 8th of April 2016 at Istanbul Yildiz Palace/ Chalet Kiosk - Besiktas/Istanbul.

This seminar is the result of our journey which has begun with the discourse of "in the current era of communication and information, the importance of intellectual and industrial property rights has become even more recognizable under the impacts of developments in science and art that are experienced at a great speed" and led the series of seminars under the title of "IPR Enforcement from a Turkish and International Perspective including patent and trademark mock trials" among which the first seminar was held on 28 and 29 April 2011, the second one, on 28 and 29 June 2012 and the third one, on 7 and 8 April 2014. This fourth seminar shall constitute a continuation of the three seminars with the intention and determination of traditionalizing them as a result of the positive criticism that is received from and the positive impact that is created out of them.

Taking into consideration their increasing importance and the problems encountered in practice in recent years, the subjects of the seminar that will be held on April 07-08, 2016 have been determined as the following: "3D Printing Technology and its reflections on Intellectual Property Law", "Computer Implemented Inventions" followed by a mock trial on the same topic, "Parallel Importation and its reflections on Intellectual Property Rights and Anti-Counterfeiting (in the light of Court of Appeals’ Precedents and Customs Regulations)", “Infringement of Trademark Rights by Domain Name Registrations and WIPO Implementions in Turkish Legal Practice ", "Extreme Limitations on Performance of Intellectual Property Rights", "Discussion on the Current Legislation Studies in Turkish Intellectual Property Law in the light of the abolishment by Constitutional Court".

In previous years, two mock trials was held but this year one mock trial will be held with the participation of Turkish and foreign judges, attorneys at law, and patent attorneys under the subject of "Computer Implemented Inventions". The second day there will be a panel discussion related with the subject of "Resolution Advises Related with Constitutional Court’s Revoke Decisions on the Study of Intellectual Property to Become a Law in Turkey ". This will differ from mock trial because anyone can clarify his/her opinion during the panel which will be oriented by a moderator. The presentations of the above mentioned subjects shall be given by the Turkish and foreign attorneys at law, judges, and scholars as well.

Within the context of the seminar, it has also been aspired to gather Judges, Public Prosecutors, Attorneys at Law, Patent and Trademark Attorneys and Scholars together, to prepare a suitable environment for the discussion of solution proposals on encountered problems under the shed of the international practice, doctrine, and legal arrangements.

This seminar shall be hosted in the city of Istanbul and hence a unique opportunity to experience the city of Istanbul's historic fabric that defy the years and its natural beauty with the company of the freshness and dynamism created by the spring time. The Seminar will coincide with the Annual International Tulip Festival. Every April, the city administration encolors the parks, gardens and town squares of Istanbul with hundreds of different species of tulips. Previously 730 thousand tulips of 32 different species had been planted in Yildiz Park, which contains Yildiz Chalet where the seminar will take place. Tulips gave its name to a period in the Ottoman history, the tulip era, which was the wealthiest period of the Ottoman Empire.

The Gala Dinner which will be hosted in the evening of 8 April 2016 shall constitute the closure of the seminar during which social activities will be organized for the guests who accompany seminar attenders in order to be closely acquainted with the city and experience the beauties that the spring time will contribute.

We would be delighted to host those who would like to have further knowledge on the practice of intellectual property rights and meanwhile breathe the magical atmosphere of Istanbul.

Respectively yours,
Organization Committee

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